SF576 DN100 10bar 3955cfm Stainless Steel Sterile Filter


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• packing industry
• biotechnology
• breweries
• chemical industry
• dairies
• fermentation processes
• food and beverage industry
• pharmaceutical industry
• hospitals


SF stainless steel sterile filter housings are specifically crafted for process industry applications, where the risk of corrosion to compressed air system components is significant. These process filter housings are versatile and suitable for a range of applications it boasts a polished surface graded down to Ra0.8. By using the correct filter element, the required compressed air quality can be attained. 

Our sterile VSF filter elements are also available for this filter housing. They feature a depth filter media composed of borosilicate glass microfibers, ensuring the effective removal of sub-micron particles as small as 0.01mm, including microorganisms like bacteria. This filter media, reinforced with NOMEX*, is securely sandwiched between two stainless steel mesh cylinders and enclosed within stainless steel end-caps. The outcome is a robust filter element that guarantees efficient filtration, enabling numerous steam sterilization cycles of up to 150°C.

Choose from the available ELEMENT options. 

To remove oil, install a coalescing filter element and ensure the flow direction is inside-out. The typical setup includes the filter head at the bottom and the filter bowl at the top.

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Data Sheet Filter Housing SF v1.53


User Manual SF v1.01


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