Refrigerated Compressed Air Dryer RDL Series

The potential of collaboration should not be overlooked. Through collective efforts, we can attain the most favorable results. Let us unite our strengths to pinpoint the ideal compressor dryer that aligns with your distinct needs. Rest assured, our team remains dedicated to providing you with support whenever needed.


RDL dryers have been meticulously crafted to facilitate efficient compressed air drying, ensuring a pressure dew point of +5°C. The process of drying hinges on the cooling principle, executed within a remarkably efficient and compact 3-stage aluminium heat exchanger. The focus during the series development centered on fundamental components and product enhancement, leveraging our extensive market knowledge and research and development expertise.

Through a combination of compact dimensions, optimised layout, and innovative solutions, we succeeded in reducing manufacturing expenses while upholding unwavering standards of reliability, quality, and meticulousness. The RDL series embodies a commitment to environmental consciousness, emphasizing energy efficiency and the use of eco-friendly materials throughout its design and production.

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Refrigeration Air Dryer RDL v1.32


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