Membrane Nitrogen Generators NM-GEN


Thanks to our in-house sizing program and R&D department, we can provide personalised and customised solutions to meet our customers’ specific nitrogen requirements.


The use of membrane nitrogen generators, such as the NM-GEN, is a reliable method for extracting nitrogen from compressed air. The generators employ hollow fiber membrane technology to separate nitrogen from other compressed air components. The selective permeation principle is utilised to produce pure nitrogen, with each gas exhibiting a characteristic permeation rate depending on its ability to diffuse through the membrane. Oxygen, being a quick diffuser, is selectively separated through the membrane wall, while nitrogen travels along the inside of the fiber, resulting in a nitrogen-rich stream. The remaining oxygen-enriched gas is vented from the membrane separator at atmospheric pressure, permitting the slow gases and a small amount of fast gases to proceed through the fiber until they exit the membrane separator. The final product, pure nitrogen, is then transported to the designated application via piping.


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Membrane Nitrogen Generator_NM-GEN 2-500 v1.1


Membrane Nitrogen Generator_NM-GEN 75-500 v1.2


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