Medical Heatless Regeneration Adsorption Dryers B-DRY BM


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The B-DRY BM Medical Heatless Regeneration Adsorption Dryers are specifically designed to dry and purify compressed air for medical applications that require compliance with the European Pharmacopoeia. The dryer operates by using two columns that are operated alternately. The first column is used for adsorption under pressure, while the second column regenerates with a portion of already dried compressed air at ambient pressure. These dryers include an upper and lower control block, a controller with LED display, and two columns filled with desiccant. The third column is filled with a combination of special functional materials that help reduce the concentration of certain substances to an acceptable level.

The dryer’s design features springs in the columns that help keep the desiccant beads in place during operation. This robust design is proven to be efficient and reliable, making installation fast and maintenance easy.

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