Heatless Regeneration Adsorption Dryers with Activated Carbon Tower B-DRY TAC


Sound like a mouth full but its pretty simple.

Heatless Regeneration Adsorption Dryers with Activated Carbon Tower.


Let’s delve into the technical aspects of B-DRY TAC dryers. They are an optimal fit for compressed air applications where oil-free air is a necessity (meeting oil class 0/1 requirements as per ISO 8573-1). The dryers feature a two-column design, where one column absorbs moisture under pressure while the other regenerates with pre-dried compressed air. The dryer components comprise an upper and lower control block, a digital display controller, and two adsorbent-filled columns. Additionally, a third column with activated carbon is included to reduce oil mist and unpleasant odours. The flow distributors located at each end of the columns ensure uniform airflow distribution, and the rugged design makes installation and maintenance a breeze.

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Adsorption Dryer B-DRY 110-1200 TAC v1.0-1