Modular Adsorption Air Dryers X-DRY


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Meet the superhero of compressed air: the X-DRY Modular Adsorption Dryers! With their ultra-smart design, these dryers work tirelessly to separate water vapor from compressed air, slashing those pesky dew points. The secret? Two columns that take turns being the hero: one saves the day by absorbing under pressure, while the other regenerates with a portion of already-dried, compressed air at ambient pressure. Each dryer packs a powerful punch, with two columns, filled with desiccant beads, controller with an LCD display, valves, manometers, support construction, and filter housings with the required filter element. Plus, these bad boys are built to last, giving you hassle-free installation, reliable operation, and easy-peasy maintenance.

X-DRY Series Modular Adsorption Air Dryers. For flows from 300-1050 m3/h. Pressure Dew Points -40°C (-25°C / -70°C). Operating Pressure 4-16 bar. Operating Temperature Range 1.5 to 50°C.

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