Heatless Regeneration Adsorption Dryer PICO-DRY


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The PICO-DRY is a durable and efficient adsorption dryer designed to separate water vapor from compressed air, resulting in a lower dew point. Specifically designed for piston compressors with a relatively low duty load, the PICO-DRY offers fast installation and straightforward maintenance. The adsorption process occurs under pressure in the lower column, and when the compressor stops, the adsorption column is depressurized. The dry air from the buffer vessel is then slowly expanded and utilised for regeneration. The unit comes equipped with an aftercooler and filters to prevent the entry of liquid water, oil, and other large contaminants into the adsorption vessel. Applications include but are not limited to dental applications, laboratories, fire sprinkler systems and piston compressors.

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