Heatless Air Dryers A-DRY Series


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A-DRY Series Heatless Regenerative Adsorption Air Dryers. For flows from 6-200 m3/h. Pressure Dew Points -40°C (-25°C / -70°C). Operating Pressure 4-16 bar. Operating Temperature Range 1.5 to 50°C.

A-DRY desiccant adsorption dryer has been designed to separate water vapour from compressed air thus reducing the dew point in the system. A-DRY is a range of products offering our customers a wide array of dried air solutions with volumetric flow rates ranging from 6 Nm ³/h to 200 Nm ³/h. An innovative new design of A-DRY adsorption driers, developed with consideration of our customers, enables fast and reliable installation, use and servicing. Installation is simple with our ready to use controller while minimising the number of parts and motions required for assembly and disassembly makes servicing fast and reliable.

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