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Adsorption dryers are commonly used in outdoor settings where freezing is a concern and in applications that demand high air dryness standards (PDP < +3°C), like process air in industries such as food and beverage, pharmaceuticals, electronics, and chemicals. Among the various types, heatless regeneration adsorption dryers are popular due to their simplicity, reliability, and cost-effectiveness.


A-DRY Series Heatless Regenerative Adsorption Air Dryers. For flows from 6-200 m3/h. Pressure Dew Points -40°C (-25°C / -70°C). Operating Pressure 4-16 bar. Operating Temperature Range 1.5 to 50°C.

A-DRY desiccant adsorption dryer has been designed to separate water vapour from compressed air thus reducing the dew point in the system. A-DRY is a range of products offering our customers a wide array of dried air solutions with volumetric flow rates ranging from 6 Nm ³/h to 200 Nm ³/h. An innovative new design of A-DRY adsorption driers, developed with consideration of our customers, enables fast and reliable installation, use and servicing. Installation is simple with our ready to use controller while minimising the number of parts and motions required for assembly and disassembly makes servicing fast and reliable.

Thanks to the innovative column design, replacing the desiccant can be accomplished within minutes. Simply by loosening four top nuts and removing side locking screws, the entire column can be taken out of the dryer. You can then refill or exchange the column with a new one. Removing the column provides easy access to the check valve and purge nozzle without having to dismantle the entire adsorption dryer. Valves and membranes are situated beneath the lower control block, allowing for quick and easy access for replacement.

Operating cycles

Fixed Cycle Mode

The transition between columns is controlled by a timer. With the use of high-quality adsorbent and advanced control techniques, the adsorption cycle has been extended to 10 minutes. This leads to fewer switch overs, reduced compressed air consumption, and less wear on essential components.

Adsorption = 5 min
Regeneration = 4 min
Pressure build up = 1 min

Variable Cycle Mode (Switching Based on Dew Point)

By connecting a dew point sensor to the controller, the duration of adsorption can be prolonged according to the sensor’s readings, while regeneration can be completed in just 4 minutes. Opting for the variable cycle mode when operating the dryer can significantly reduce average purge air consumption to exceptionally low levels, possibly even below 3%.

Standby Mode in A-DRY Series Adsorption Dryers

A feature of A-DRY series adsorption dryers allows them to receive a standby signal from the compressor or another compressed air source. In standby mode, air can freely flow through both towers from the inlet to the outlet of the adsorption dryer. Simultaneously, the adsorption dryer controller is in standby mode and poised to return to normal operation upon receiving the appropriate signal. The standby signal is transmitted to the A-DRY adsorption dryer via a standby contact on the controller using a connected switch.


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