High Pressure Heat Regeneration Adsorption Dryers HPR-DRY


A Comprehensive Solution for Compressed Air Moisture Separation


The HPR-DRY Adsorption Dryers are engineered to provide a continuous removal of water vapour from compressed air, reducing the dew point in the process. The dryer’s operation requires two columns, each of which is operated alternately. While adsorption occurs under pressure in the first column, the second column regenerates using heated ambient air or a purging mechanism. The dryer is comprised of two columns filled with desiccant beads, a blower, heater, controller with an LCD display, valves, manometers, and support construction. With its reliable and robust design, fast installation, and easy maintenance, the dryer guarantees efficient and dependable performance.


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Adsorption Dryer HPR-DRY BVA 400-3600 v1.00


Adsorption Dryer HPR-DRY BP 400-3600 v1.00


Adsorption Dryer HPR-DRY BVL 400-3600 v1.00