High Pressure Heat Regeneration Adsorption Dryers for CO2

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• brewing
• welding
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Carbon dioxide (CO2) is typically a colourless, odourless gas with a slightly sour taste. It is denser than air, non-flammable, and naturally exists in the atmosphere at around 400 ppm. While not harmful in small amounts, high concentrations can be detrimental to health due to reduced oxygen levels. Due to its abundance and neutral properties, CO2 finds applications in various industries however, since it needs compression and liquefaction for storage, proper treatment, including drying, is essential.

Compressed Carbon Dioxide Dryers (CO2 Dryers) are custom-made to counter the gas’s corrosive nature, which varies based on humidity levels. These dryers come in different versions tailored to specific project needs concerning operating pressure, temperature, pressure dew point, and humidity levels, thus requiring specific materials.

For regeneration, external heaters are commonly used for heat supply (heating phase), along with ambient air cooled by water (cooling phase). The choice of regeneration method and dryer components can be adjusted based on available fluids for heating/cooling to minimise gas loss during the entire process.

Advantages of our CO2 high pressure heat regenerated dryers:

  • Compact design suitable for container-sized applications
  • Available in Food Grade quality upon request
  • Suitable for 100% water-saturated gas
  • Applicable to all pressures and industries
  • Higher flow capacities can be accommodated upon request
  • Design flexibility to match each unique application or project.


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