Hybrid Dryer COM DRY


Our vast selection of air dryers can enhance the efficacy of your air compressor by enabling it to operate with greater efficiency.


Tailor-made hybrid dryers are an excellent solution for optimising applications that requires the elimination of condensation and frost, particularly useful when process piping is exposed to colder temperatures. Additionally, for applications that require a pressure dew point between +3 °C and – 40 °C, the COM-DRY hybrid dryer offers a comprehensive solution. This flexibility makes it ideal for multiple applications. The dryer features several bypasses and an additional control box, enabling it to switch effortlessly from a hybrid solution (refrigeration + adsorption dryer) to a refrigerated solution, making it a versatile addition to any operation.

Our tailor-made hybrid dryers offer a cost-effective solution and provide significant savings on electricity bills at the end of the year. National Filters is here to assist you in assessing your business goals and selecting the ideal air compressor dryer solution to meet your specific needs and requirements.

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