BF1800 DN250 11088 scfm 18850 Nm3/h 16 bar


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National Filters Part Number: BF1800


BF1800 DN250 11088 scfm 18850 Nm3/h 16 bar

The Omega Air BF series of welded steel compressed air inline filter housings are designed for highly efficient removal of solid particles, water, oil, aerosols, hydrocarbons, odour and vapours from compressed air systems. To meet the required compressed air quality the appropriate element needs to be installed in the filter housing. Omega Air uses the proven superior pleated media technology in many of their elements. Pleating increases effective filtration surface area which in turn reduces pressure drop, improves particle retention and increases the life of the element. All BF series compressed air filters come complete with an element and drain valve. Choose your required grade of filtration from the list of available ELEMENT options when ordering. For more information please download the BF series datasheet. For information or advice on any other technical gases please contact National Filters. Prices exclude GST

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P – Prefilter 3 Micron, R – Prefilter 1 Micron, M – Fine 0.1 Micron, S – Post-filter 0.01 Micron, A – Activated Carbon


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