WFIW094 60.3mmø 16bar 530cfm


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• biotechnology
• breweries
• chemical industry
• petrochemical industry
• dairies
• fermentation processes
• pharmaceutical industry
• hospitals


WFIW welded stainless steel filter housings are specifically designed for filtering compressed air and various other gases in environments prone to corrosion or where a stainless steel housing is necessary. The operating range is up to 150°C.

To ensure the desired gas quality, the correct filter element should be placed in the filter housing. Choose your required grade of filtration from the list of available ELEMENT options when ordering. For additional information download the data sheet.

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PI – Prefilter 1;20 Micron, PIW – Prefilter 1;20 Micron, PN – Prefilter 5;25 Micron, P – Prefilter 3 Micron, R – Prefilter 1 Micron, M – Fine 0.1 Micron, S – Post Filter 0.01 Micron, A – Activated Carbon, CKL – Water Separator

Data Sheet WFIW v2.02


User Manual WFIW