RDT75 – 75m3/h


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National Filters Part Number: RDT75


RDT75 is a 75m3/h or 44.12 scfm flow rate refrigeration air dryer with a timer-controlled drain. Made in Europe and designed to effectively separate water from the compressed air stream. This unit lowers the PDP (pressure dew point) of the compressed air down to +3 °C. Drying is achieved by cooling the air which takes place inside an efficient and compact three-stage heat exchanger. In the first stage (air to air heat exchange) hot and humid inlet air is pre-cooled by the dry and chilled air leaving the dryer. In the second stage (air to refrigerant heat exchange) the air passes through a refrigerated section and bulk water condensation takes place due to the rapid cooling of the air. All condensed water is separated from the main compressed air stream by the integrated demister. In the third stage (air to air heat exchange) the now dry and chilled air is warmed back up by the hot and humid inlet air before it leaves the dryer. This is done so that condensation doesn’t form on the outside of the air lines. A proven and robust design enables efficient and reliable operation, fast installation, and simple maintenance.