PF150 2″ 16bar 742cfm Stainless Steal Process Filter


Price is in AUD and Excludes GST.


• packing industry
• biotechnology
• breweries
• chemical industry
• dairies
• fermentation processes
• food and beverage industry
• pharmaceutical industry
• hospitals


Process Filter (PF) systems are specifically crafted for use in the process industry, where there is a high risk of corrosion in compressed air system components. To meet the required compressed air quality outlined in standard ISO 8571-1, choose your required grade of filtration from the list of available ELEMENT options when ordering.

To remove oil, ensure to install a coalescing filter element with an inside-out flow direction. The typical layout consists of a bowl at the top and a filter head at the bottom.

The PF process filter housing is versatile and suitable for various applications if you have applications not mentioned, please reach out to us. For information or advice on any other technical gases please contact National Filters. Prices exclude GST

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PN – Prefilter 5:20 Micron, PI – Prefilter 1;20 Micron, PIW 1;20 Prefilter Micron, P – Prefilter 3 Micron, R – Prefilter 1 Micron, M – Fine 0.1 Micron, S – Post-filter 0.01 Micron, A – Activated Carbon, VSF – Sterile

Data Sheet PF v1.53


User Manual v1.04


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