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Why buy gas when you can make your own onsite?

All in one

“Plug N Play”


Introducing the Skid-Based Compressed Air/Gas Supply System – a champion device designed to create and distribute compressed air, nitrogen, or oxygen tailored to your project’s unique needs. This incredible piece of equipment comes with a sturdy frame that ensures safe and easy movement and is available in various shapes and sizes to cater to the gas type, quality, and required capacity.

The SKID unit has a range of components – including a compressor, electrical cabinet, controller, cyclone separators, filters, dryers, condensate drains, gas generators, pressure vessel, aftercooler, and more – all working seamlessly in precise harmony.

Our industrial engineering division specialises in customising Skid-Based packages to meet your specific project requirements. We follow rigorous design codes (such as PED, ASME, DNV, ABS, NR13, AS1210…) to ensure that your Skid unit always meets stringent safety standards.

If this is something that you are considering, there are a few things that we need to know from you to create your tailored system. Once we have these details, our team can craft a unique Skid unit that delivers a reliable supply of constant output gas parameters for your production process. With the Skid-Based Compressed Air/Gas Supply System, teamwork has never been easier!


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