Activated Carbon Tower TAC Series

In various sectors, such as electronics, pharmaceuticals, and food and beverage, it’s crucial to eliminate residual oil vapours and odours from compressed air.

For this purpose, we offer a reliable solutions


A robust design, made from high quality carbon steel, our TAC activated carbon towers separate oil vapours and some hydrocarbons from compressed air. Flow distributors ensure uniform distribution of air, through a bed of activated carbon, resulting in an efficient absorption process. A super fine coalescing filter is required upstream of the TAC and a 1 micron dust filter is recommended downstream to intercept activated carbon dust. Available in a stainless steel and a high pressure version upon request.

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Activated Carbon Tower TAC HP v1.5


Activated Carbon Tower TACm v1.6


Activated Carbon Tower TAC v1.5


Activated Carbon Tower TAC F v1.1