Absorption Compressed Air Dryers with Activated Carbon Tower A-DRY TAC


Efficiency and effectiveness is all about doing things in the correct way.

You can rely on our Carbon Towers to do exactly that.


The A-DRY 6-200 TAC adsorption compressed air dryers are specifically designed to eliminate oil vapours and odours from compressed air while achieving a low-pressure dew point. These dryers come equipped with activated carbon towers, providing an efficient solution for various dried air requirements. The A-DRY range offers a array of solutions, with volumetric flow rates ranging from 6 Nm3/h to 200 Nm3/h. Our innovative design ensures fast and reliable installation, use, and servicing, keeping our customers’ needs in mind. The ready-to-use controller streamlines installation, while the minimal number of parts and motions required for assembly and disassembly ensure efficient and reliable servicing. The integrated activated carbon tower in A-DRY TAC is specially designed for separating oil vapours from compressed air, utilising dry-type separation.


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