Cyclonic Water Separators

CKL-B condensate separators available from National Filters are designed for high efficient removal of bulk liquids from compressed air and vacuum systems. Inside the housing there is an insert with vanes that creates controlled rotation of the air. As a result of centrifugal action liquids (water, oil) and large particles are forced to the housing wall, slowed down and accumulated at the bottom of separator housing as condensate. The turbulent free zone in the lower part of the filter housing prevents condensate from being picked up and “carried over” into the air stream. To discharge condensate from the CKL-B cyclone separator it is essential to install automatic or electronic condensate drain. For any other technical gas please contact National Filters for more information.


Operating pressure: Max. 16 bar

Volume flow rate: 120 to 2850 Nm3/h

Connections: 3/8” to 3” BSP

Operating temperature range: 1.5 to 65°C


• General industrial applications

• Automotive
• Electronics
• Food and beverage
• Chemical
• Petrochemical
• Plastics
• Painting

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