WOSm2 – 2 Nm3/min Oil Water Separator


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National Filters Part Number: WOS-M2

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WOSm-2 Oil water separators are small and convenient cartridge style units, used to remove oil from waste water (condensate) generated by air compressors up to 152 m/h. Due to patented technology, a regular service can be done in 30 seconds without any cleaning. When the filter cartridge is fully saturated you just simply unscrew the cartridge and replace it with new one. All oil from condensate stays in cartridge and all remaining condensate can be drained to sewage while complying with the environment laws. Used cartridges can be sealed with plastic cover and disposed according to local regulations. Oil content in waste water is regulated by law so an oil water separator should be used anywhere you have condensate being drained from a compressed air system. Oily water is not only an environmental hazard but can also be a slip hazard on workshop floors. Price excludes GST.



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