Mobile Steam Steriliser


• food industry
• wine production
• dairies
• small breweries


Exposure of compressed air piping to high temperatures and humidity creates an optimal environment for microbial growth. To stop microbial activity, filters must be sterilised. This can be done either in place or by using an autoclave. Autoclave sterilisation involves removing the filters from the system, which can result in contamination due to the unsterile surroundings. “Sterilisation in place” delivers more consistent outcomes and is widely adopted in the process industry.

Steam sterilisation is an effective method for combating microbial growth, which is where the “Mobile Steam Steriliser” (MSS) comes into play. This device is specifically designed for this purpose, offering a convenient, cost-effective, and efficient sterilisation option in place. It can be easily connected to any part of the system that requires sterilisation, allowing for easy relocation once the process is completed.

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Data Sheet Mobile Steam Steriliser v1.0


User Manual MSS v1.02